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the doctrine of live and let live between political communities, or states
Israeli-Arab Conflict
a portion of the earth's surface appropriated by a political community, or state
state sovreignty
a state's characteristic being politically independent of all other states
suzerain state
a state which dominates and subordinates neighbouring states, without taking them over
a state which posesses both a home territory and foreign territories: and imperial state
a state based on religion
power and control exercised by a leading state over other states
reason of state
the practical application of the doctrine of realism and virtually synonymous with it
balance of power
the doctrine and an arrangement whereby the power of one state (or group of states) is checked by the countervailing power of other states
kept in check so informally accountable to eachother though sovreign
national security
a fundamental value in the foreign policy of states
Realism: military is important tool to implement state's foreign policy and the protection of state interests
society of states
association of sovreign states based on their common interests, values, and norms
binding together to promote and protect common values
international law
formal rules of conduct that states ackowledge or contract between themselves
binding only to who has agreed to submit to it; juristiction

(e.g. Israel's defense wall disputed at the Hague)
international order
shared value and condition of stability and predictability in the relations of state
accepted standard of what is expected and appropriate state of affairs
a doctrine of equal treatment between states
the right of a political community or state to become a sovreign state
right of self-defence
a state's right to wage war in its own defence
world society
the society produced by globalization
global covenant
the rules, values, and norms which govern the global society of states
agreed upon conditions; memorandum of understanding