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John Quincy Adams
Monroe's secretary of State and the president of 1824 who did not want government controlled by the people
Jacksonian Democracy
idea of spreading political powers to all people
Spoils system
practice of giving government jobs to political backers
a brilliant Cherokee who invented a writing system for the Cherokee language
Indian Removal Act
this 1830 act called for teh government to negotiate treaties that would require Native American's to relocate west of the Mississippi
Trail of Tears
the harsh journey of the Cherokee from thier homeland to Indian territory in Oklahoma
the increase in prices and decrease in the value of money
severe economic slump
Whig Party
political party organized in 1834 to oppose the policies of Andrew Jackson
How did Andrew Jackson appeal to voters in his election campaign of 1828?
He was a successful lawyer and a common man. He had a humble background and a reputation for toughness that appealed to voters.
How did the Indian Removal Act effect the Native Americans?
They were forced to pack up their things an d relocate West. They gave up their land and many resources; a lot of them died.
Why did Georgia want the Native Americans to leave their state?
They wanted the land for gold.
Why did Jackson oppose the Second National Bank of the United States?
He didn't trust them and the bank favored the wealthy.
Which tribe was your game board group? Give five facts about your tribe.
Creek Nation- lived in mud huts, taught the men to hunt, taught the women to sew, dearskin clothing, and harvested fields of corn, rice, and potatoes.