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What does the function InitInstance do?
InitInstance basically just creates the program window.

Page 44
what are the most common parameters for nCmdShow?

Page 45
The InitInstance returns a _________ value and simply tells WinMain whether startup succeeded or failed.

Page 45
MyRegisterClass sets up __________ for the main window class used by your program.
the values

Page 45
In MyRegisterClass, CS_HREDRAW does what to the window? CS_VREDRAW?

Hint - redraw?
CS_HREDRAW causes the program window to be completely redrawn if a movement or size adjustments change the width.

CS_VREDRAW causes the program window to be completely redrawn if movement or size adjustments change the height.

Page 45
in MyRegisterClass, lpfnWinProc is important because _____________________________
without this value setting, messages will not be delivered to the program window.

Page 49
in MyRegisterClass, hbrBackGround can use what other items in place of the standard white brush?
bitmap images, custom brushes, and any other color.

Page 49
__________ is the window callback procedure that Windows uses to communicate events to your program.

Page 50
A hDC is a what?
Device Context

Page 51
What does the PAINTSTRUCT variable do?
It is used in the WM_PAINT message handler to start and stop screen updates.

Page 53
The WM_DESTORY message identifier tells the window that it is time to __________.
shut down.

Page 53
Review Question #1

What does the WinMain function do?
It sets up the messages and the program loop.
Review Question #2

What does the WinProc function do?
It communicates events to the program.
Review Question #3

What is a program instance?
It is an existing running state of the program. only one should be active.
Review Question #4

What function can you use to draw pixels to a window?
Review Question #5

What function is used to draw text inside a program window?