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hebrew "law" jesish name for the first five books in the old testament
short story
a type of brief narrative in which characters and a plot are fully developed
figures of speech
comparisons that are meant to be taken imaginatively rather than literally
fertile crescent
region of richfarming and grazing land extending in an arc from mesopotamia to canaan
the ancestors of the Israelites, abraham, isaac, and jacob
departure of the israelites from egypt under moses, who was led by god
a sacred agreement between god and his people, a solemn agreement between two people or groups of people
natural moral law
the moral order that is part of god's design for creating the law that expresses the original moral sense, enabling people to discern good and evil through the use of reason
the first five books of teh old testament
a long, exaggerated, and idealized narrative about a hero who goes through various trials
involves the repitition of words and phrases, or the repetition of thought patterns
a people who unifed about 1050-1000- B.C. and included canaanites and peoples called hapiru, the shasu, sea peoples and the original hebrews
ark of the covenant
an ancient symbol of god's protection and presence, a portable throne in ancient times that included a seat that was belived to be occupied by god
ten commandments
the laws given to moses by god that prescribe moral obligations for the israelites as part of god's covenant wiht them
divine influence; god flows into and influences the human intellect, will, imagination, and memory
origin story
an explanation of how something came to be
refers to the concrete sensory details that make a literary work vivid and realistic
a literary technique in which what is said or done is contrary to what is expected
peoples enslaved in egypt who eventually became the community known as israel
bobylonian exile
deportation of inhavitants of judah to babyon
god's deliberate and gradual disclosure to humans of himself, his nature, hs plan, his providence, and what he wants from people
what is the structure of the old testament
books of law, historical books, wisdom books, and prophetic books
who is the old testament about
the early isrealitesand their ancestors
why is the old testament inportant for christians
it is a part of the history or their faith, prophecies about coming of christ, the covenant between god and moses is still in affect
who is the audience of the old testament
the israelites
what are the four main points in the history of the old testament? what happened during these periods
patriarchs and matriarchs - famine forced israelites to go to egypt. exodus - israelites enslaved in egypt, moses leads them out, israelites wander in sinai desert, ten commmandments conquest of canaan - judges gradually occupied canaan, are of teh covenant. Decline of israel - israel splits into northern and southern kingdoms, both lands conquered, period of prophets
what changes through history
the people
what are three examples of literary terms in the bible
imagery, figures of seech, parallelism
what is the relationship between the ten commandments and the natural moral law
ten commandments are a summary of the natural moral law, same morals and lessons still apply today