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Life Science
The study of living things.
Scientific Method
A series of steps that scientist use to ask a question or solve a problem
A possible exlantaion or answer to a question
Controlled Expieriment
Test only one factor at a time
One factor that differs
Unifying explanation for a broad range of hypothesis and observation
The use of knowledge, tools, material, solve problems and accomplish tasks
Compound Light Microscope
made of 3 main parts the lense, stage, and light
Electron Microscope
tiny particles called electrons are used to produce magnified images
The measure of how much surface an object has lxw
the amount of space that something occupies lxwxh
the amount of mater something takes up
measures how hot or cold something is
What is a controlled expieriment?
It Tests only one Factor at a time.
What is the control group in an expieriment?
It is the group that does not change.
What is the difference in a control group and an expierimental group?
Control Group No Variable Expierimental does.
What is a Variable
A Factor that differs
What is stated in an if...then... format
a hypothesis
What is a hypothesis?
A Possible explanation or answer to a question
What is A CT scan?
A Computer Tomography Scan shows detailed images of internal tissue and structures.
What does MRI mean?
A magnetic resonance imaging
What are many enviormental ploblems caused by?
pollution dumping oils in water factory gas,
Why is polio no longer a significant health concern?
there are vaccines and medication to help cure it
What is the international system of units?
Its a global measuring system
What's the advantage of SI?
Scientists Communicate and everyone everywhere can measure the same thing in the same system
Where do life scientists studyy
Life scientists can work anywhere from a classroom to a lab to a hospital
Wha can Be A Life Scientist and where do they work?
anyone can be a life scientist and they can work anywhere
What do life scientist study
plants animals human structers prehistoric times ect
Ask A Question Based observation
Form a hypothsis which is a possble answer to a queston
taest the hypothesis by conducting an expieriment
Analyze results collected from expieriments
draw conclusins from the results
communicate results to other scientitists