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What does NCATE stand for?
The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Educators
your strategies for teaching
subject to obligation, to report, to explain, or justify anything you do in the classroom
How many standards do you have for your grade level
yeah, look it up!
thet study of the art and science of teaching as well as different methods of teaching as they relate to professional understanding
The Art of Teaching
associated with Gage
includes spontaneity, pace, rhythm
be flexible, be able to handle the moment by moment things,
demonstrate withitness
what is the NEA
National Educator's Association
Explain the constructivist perspective and who is behind it
knowledge is somewhat personal, and meaning is constructed by the learner through experience.
meaning with different types of experience
concentric circles-home, family, school, church
What is the ultimate goal of teaching
to be able to create independent learners,
*have high expectations
What does the effective teacher look like?
1.Effective teachers have PERSONAL QUALITIES that allow them to develop authentic human relationships with their students, parents, and colleagues and to create democratiic socially just classrooms for children and adolescents
2.Effective teachers have positive dispositions toward knowledge. They hahve command of at least three, broad KNOWLEDGE BASES that deal with subject matter, human development and learning, and pedagogy. They use this knowledge to guide the science and art of their teaching practice
3.Effetive teachers cmomand a REPETOIRE of teaching practices known to stimulate student motivation, to enhance student achievement of basic skills, to develop higher-level thinking, and to produce self-regulated learners
4.Effective teachers are personally disposed toward REFLECTION and problem solving. They consider learning to teach a LIFELONG process and they can diagnose situations and adapt and use their professional knowledge appropriately to enhance student learning and to improve schools
The three criteria of effective practice
Leadership, instructional, organizational