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British engineer who developed a process to purify iron and produce steel
Henry Bessemer in 1856
Invented dynamite but was so upset over its destructive properties that he used the profits to set up a prize
Alfred Nobel in 1866
Developed first battery; Italian scientist
Alessandro Volta
Created first simple electric motor and the first dynamo
Michael Faraday
First electric light bulb
Thomas Edison
Invented gasoline powered internal combustion engine
Nikolaus Otto
Recieved patent for first automobile
Karl Benz
Introduced first four wheel automobile
Gottilieb Daimler
Invented the radio
Guglielmo Marconi
Identified bacteria that caused tuberculosis
Robert Koch
Discovered how antiseptics prevented infection
Joseph Lister
ex chief planner for Napoleon III, built wide boulevards and splendid public buildings
Georges Haussmann
Fought for women's rights
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
Developed atomic theory, which was all matter was made of tiny particles called atoms; different kinds of atoms combine to make all chemical substances.
John Dalton
Drew up a table that grouped atoms together according to their weights (Periodic Table of Elements)
Dmitri Mendeleyev
Showed that Earth formed over millions of years; wrote Principles of Geology
Charles Lyell
Set up Salvation Army
William and Catherine Booth
German composer favored by Romantics of middle class; combined classical forms with a range of different sounds and instruments
Ludwig van Beethoven
English; wrote novels i.e. Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, which referred to life during the Industrial Revolution. Considered a realist who used humor to lighten the mood.
Charles Dickens
An impressionist
Claude Monet
Number one postimpressionist
Vincent van Gogh