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_____ is not a quality of texture.
_____ tends to emphasize texture.
all answers are correct (Raking light, Side lighting, Light from an oblique angle)
Some art works are created precisely to give us the illusion or sensation of movement. This style of artwork is called _____.
"Op" art
_____ is a painting technique where each brushstroke is so heavy that it seems to have a body of its own.
Max Ernst invented a technique called "frottage" which is made by _____.
rubbing graphite onto paper placed over a textured surface
In its systematic and repetitive use of the same motif or design, pattern is an especially important _____ tool.
The early manuscripts produced in monasteries in Britain, Germany, France, and Scandinavia reflected a distinctive imagery called _____ style.
Artist Miriam Schapiro creates art works she calls _____, derived from several other words.
Action paintings are called such because the viewer becomes actively engaged, but more importantly, because the painting _____.
documents or reveals the movement of the painter
A friend of Monet's described his great paintings of "Waterlilies" in the Musee de l'Orangerie as demonstrating _____ motion.