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Which of the following if supported by documentation is least likely to cause legal problems an employer
Dismissing an employee for just cause
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Makes discrimination in the workplace illegal
Oral promises made to an employee by an employer may be used as evidence ina suit brought by the employee for
Wrongful discharge
Which of the following is NOT true of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964
It applies to businesses with 25 employees or more
Which of the following is NOT form of sexual harassment
Consensual dating between 2 employees
The primary source of information for all OSHA standards is
The federal register
OSHA inspectors may
All of the choices are correct
Which of the following is NOT against the law
Refusal to take a drug or lie detector test as a condition of employment
Which of the following ?'s is improper if asked by a person interviewing an applicant for a job in a medical office
Where does your spouse work
For which types of compensation benefits may workers injured on the job apply
All of the choices are correct
Many states have right-to-know laws which
allow employees broader acess to info about toxic or hazardous substances employer duties,employee rights, and other health and safety issues
What is the authority by which OSHA can levy fines based upon the Centers for Disease Control guidelines
Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Requires federal contactors to implement affirmative action plans in hiring and promoting disable employees
The Americans with Disabilites Act differs from the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in that it
Mandates equal acccess for the disabled to certain Wpublic facilities
Which of the following workplace laws most specifically regulates hazards in the medical office
Hazard communication standard
The combination of proteins that comprises each human chromosomes is called
Which of the following were goals of the human genome project
All of the above
During this process fluid is withdrawn from a women's pregnant uterus to be used for genetic and medical tests
Which of the following is an important issue raised by genetic testing
Which of the following federal laws does not offer protection against genetic discrimination
The human genome act
Objections to genetic engineering projects have often been raised on the grounds that
All of the above are correct
Which of the following procedures involves transplanting animal tissues and organs into humans
Which of the following is NOT true of human cloning
Scientific knowledge is presently insufficient to proceed
Embryonic stem cells have the potential to become
any type of body cell
Which of the following has been useful in gene therapy
Which of the following best describes cloning
a scientific process that produces new organisms identical to the parent without union of sperm and egg
In this process eggs and sperm are brought together outside of the body in a test tube or petri dish
in vitro fertilization
Which of the following federal laws does NOT affect some aspects of adoption
None of the above are correct
The doctrine of paraenspatriae allows the state to
act as a parental authority
Physicians may legally withhold medical treatment from newborns who
All of the above are correct