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When were the Dark Ages of Europe?
400 to 800
what happened when Germanic tribes began to fight each other over territory?
many aspects of civilization were lost, trade collasped, cities dissapeared as people moved to the country side to survieve, literacy declined, and Latin as a common language dissapeared and the Romance languages were formed
where were people's loyalties?
to their family and tribal leader. Loyalties were local and personal
what was the only unifying force
the Roman Catholic Church
Germanic tribes were converted by who?
who converted the Irish
St. Patrick
who converted the Auglo
St. Augustine
who led monasteries
who led convents
who had to take a vow of chasity, poverty and obedience?
monks, nuns, and priests
what did Monks do?
mantained libraries, copied books, operated schools, and helped the poor and the sick
developed rules for monks to live by so they oculd lead orderly and productive lives
St. Benedict