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(rapid) unstable environmnet, large # of offspring, high mortality rate
(keep) low reprotuctive rate, predictable environment, low predation rate
carrying capacity
max # of individuals that can be supported in an area
agriculture and society
responsible for expanding human population (10,000 yrs ago)
Causes of overpopulation
-exceeding carrying capacity
-exceeding resources
-unsustainable use/depletion of resources
-increase births/survival rate
consequences of overpopulation
famine, deforestation, war, child poverty, high birth rate, illiteracy, increased criminal rates, etc.
World Population:
India-more infants than can be supported (r-selection)

Japan- parasite singles, pop. decline by 50%

China- One per family policy

US- below replacement, but immigration allows US to grow
environment influences population sixe by affecting this
reproductive strategy (r/K selection)
exponential growth
unrestricted growth at a constant rate
American Coot (r-selection)
female will lay eggs, if food is limited female will feed babies with brightest heads and kill others by shaking heads
6 billionth baby
1:3 extreme poverty
4:10 marginally better off
1:10 born into relative poverty
girl-> less food/education