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The idea of mana

Deities of heaven and earth

Spirits of human and nature
Sun Goddess

All Japanese emperors descend from her

Characterized by warmth and beauty - sometimes associated with vanity
The knight order

Bound by the hierarchy to the feudal system
Modern Shinto Sect.
Code of conduct for the Samurai warrior

Mixture of Confucianism and Shinto
Storm god
Temper, rudeness

Sun god is hid in a cave because the storm god was rude to her and because darkness fell on humanity
The Age of the Gods; gives a mythological background of Japanese culture
Izanagi and Izanami
Izanagi (male) Izanami (female) married

Created the Japanese islands and the kami that inhabited the land

parent gods
Way of the Gods
The Samurai followed what code of conduct?
The Bushido Code
What are some of the main aspects of Bushido in feudal Japan?
The Samurai is bound to be loyal to his master within the hierarchy of the feudal system

Samurai must have great courage and honor

Loyalty, courage, and honor within the hierarchy of the feudal system
When did the Japanese government assume responsibility for the Shinto shrines?
Rituals and customs of the domestic Shinto practice
Simple rituals and ceremonies held at the Kami-Dana ("the god shelf")

God shelf holds patron gods, ancestor names, and objects bought at a shrine
The text of ancient Japanese mythology
What is the most basic form of Shinto? What is the Kami-Dana and what does it include?
Domestic Shinto

Kami-Dama is the god shelf containing symbols important to the family

Daily rituals including offerings placed at the Kami-Dana
Different types of Shinto
Sectarian, domestic, state
Shinto plays what role in Japanese life? How does Shinto relate to Buddhism?
Ryobu - the 2 aspects of Shinto

Division of labor for each:
Shinto everyday life
& Buddhism for afterlife
What entities have been understood both as Gods and as spirits associated with natural phenomenon?
Which modern Shinto Sect. has a name that means "Teachings of Heavenly Reason?"
All Japanese emperors are believed to have descended from which deity?
The sun goddess Amaterasu
What is the name for a ritual of honorable suicide?
Seppuku - only samurai warriors can commit suicide in this way
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which group in Japanese society used Shinto as a tool to gain support for its activities?
The military
What religion was the main rival of Shinto in 6th century C.E. Japan?
Mahayana Buddhism
Izanagi and Izanami are described in which text?
Bushido is based on a blending of which two faiths?
Confucianism and Shinto

Describe the Bushido code. What is the role of Confucianism within the Bushido code?
Bushido is the code of conduct for the Samurai warrior. Confucianism guides their daily conduct. It provides their sense of respect and wanting to support their family. It creates a moral code that the Samurai follow
What is Seppaku? What are the important characteristics of the individuals who follow this code?
The Seppaku is the ritual of honorable suicide that was practiced by the Samurai. Samurai committed Seppaku for a number of reasons in accordance with Bushido. The word Seppaku comes from the meaning "to cut." The most common form of Seppaku was a simple horizontal cut.
Explain in detail the ways in which Confucianism and Buddhism has influenced Shinto.
Confucianism gave the concept of five relationships

shinto shrines and buddhist temples became integrated