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Middle ages
Franks and Clovis
400-700: strongest tribe in western europe. Clovis conquered Gaul in 486 and converted to Christianity
Charles Martel and the Muslim World
Islam appeared in about 622; the followers built a huge empire and creted a new civilization; crossed into Frnca in 732 and where defeat by Charles Martel
800:made an empire streching across France, Germany, and part of Italy: in 800 Pope Leo 3 asked for help to fight: was then named emperor of Rome. Created the Missi Dominici
respectful scholar who created a curriculum based on Latin learning.
Death of Charlemange
814: 3 grandsons drew up Treaty of Verdun which split it into three regions
Fuedal System
Lords and Vassals had a fuedal contract: a lord granted his vassal a fief and in return the lord promised to protect the vassal, and the vassal pledge loyalty to the lord and gave him work and moeny.
the code of the knights
Parish Priest
Only contact people had with the Church: Administered sacraments and celebrated mass with people: Preached Gospels: Rituals and faith were part of everyday life
Benedictine Rule
520: 3 rules to regulate monastive life( monks and nuns)......obey......poverty....and chasity