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________ refers to a type of communication in which large audiences quickly receive given messages via an interpersonal medium between the sender and the receiver.
Mass media are ________ of culture in that their form and content affect us in some way as in through products we buy.
The effect of media on children is difficult to determine in that there may be many bidirectional variables involved. This means:
variables that the child brings to the media experience and how media changes the child over time.
Family variables that affect how the media impacts a child include:

alternative activities provided to the child.
b. income.
c. all of these choices.
d. types of media available in the home.
e. monitoring of media consumption.
all of these choices.
All of the following are chronosystem systems influences on media EXCEPT:

a. interactive media such as video games.
b. increase in educational television programs.
c. increase in violence and sex in the media.
d. cell phones.
e. increase in reality-based programs
increase in educational television programs.
In 1997, most of the television industry implemented a ________ designed to give parents advanced information about the content of programs.
rating system
Three-year-old Samantha's parents want to find a program that will be specifically designed for young children and does not include any material that may frighten her. They should look for a rating of:
Young children may be particularly vulnerable to television images because:
cognitive immaturity may lead them to believe what they see to be real.
Jose spends about four hours watching television while his mother and father are at work. How does this compare to other children?
About the same
In what way does TV watching affect family interactions?

a. Decreases opportunities for social development.
b. Decreases opportunities for conversations.
c. Decreases opportunities for see others' points of view.
d. Decreases opportunities for learning compromise.
e. All of these choices.
About the same
Four-year-old Andrea was taken to the emergency room because she tried to fly off her bunk bed like her favorite superhero. What accounts for this?
Andrea has confused reality and fantasy.
Which of the following has been found to be true for children's television viewing and obesity?
The two have been shown to be positively correlated.
Sandy is playing with her best friend using a box as their car. This is an example of which type of play?
Research has shown that children who watch a lot of televised violence are ________ prone to behave aggressively than children who do not watch TV violence.
Albert Bandura is a social cognitive theorist whose theory describes the role of ________.
observational learning
________ theories examine psychological changes in the body and subsequent emotions that occur when watching violent episodes.
When Tyler first watched a violent movie he was very frightened. Now they don't bother him as much. This is an example of:
Every hour of television is carefully planned to contain enough time for ________ messages.
One way in which advertisers gain a child as a consumer is to:
give the child a sense of power if they have that product.
Commercials have been shown to teach children all the following EXCEPT:

a. all problems are quickly fixed.

b. all problems are fixed through money.

c. all problems are fixed through the use of some sort of machinery such as a computer.

d. all problems can be fixed.

e. all problems are fixed through the use of some product such as particular cologne.
all problems are fixed through money.
What is one likely reason television has been increasingly exposing audiences to increased violence and explicit sexuality?
To hold on to their audiences.
________ are qualities or beliefs that are viewed as desirable or important. They influence attitudes, motives and behavior.
Jane is watching an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood in which two friends learn how to solve their conflict about who should go first in a game of Checkers. This is an example of learning:
socially desirable behaviors.
Television programming exposes teenagers to a high rate of ________ information and an incessant flow of images.
Presenting behaviors, lifestyles and attitudes that oversimplify representations of members of a group especially related to issues of gender, aging, social class, culture and race are known as ________.
Young Angie watches about four hours of TV a day. What does research say about Angie's reading behavior?
She reads fewer books than others who do not watch as much TV.
________ processing allows individuals to attend to specific content based on interest, past experiences and cognitive development.
Watching more educational programming as preschoolers resulted in all the following EXCEPT:

a. higher grades in school.

b. greater creativity.

c. less aggression as adolescents.

d. higher income as adults.

e. higher value placed on achievement.
e. higher value placed on achievement.
________ variables are those variables that affect the impact of television viewing on children.
Three-year-old Emily likes to watch TV to see the bright lights and the catch songs while 15-year-old Edward watches TV to watch complex adult relationships. This is a result of Emily and Edward's:
selective attention
Debbie's parents want to make good decisions regarding her TV viewing. They should do all the following EXCEPT:
allow Debbie to make the ultimate choice of what she watches.
Which of the following is an example of linkages between community and media?

a. None of these choices

b. All of these choices

c. Cable and satellite television

d. Public Broadcasting System

e. Public interest groups
all of these
Seventeen-year-old Ruth rushes home each day to instant message her friend about what happened during seventh period that day. This behavior would be considered:
Away for ruth to stay connected with her friends
According to the text, one of the known roles of print media in socialization is the passing of ________ to the next generation.
Reading and being read to influences children's development through all of the following ways EXCEPT:

a. cognitive stimulation.

b. social development.

c. increased behavioral control.

d. increased language development.

e. providing vicarious experiences.
increased behavioral control.
The core of an educated person is communications via reading and writing which is also known as ________.
Books that provide an interpretation of issues or situations from only one perspective have the following bias:
selectivity and imbalance.
Peter loves to read books about historical figures and likes to learn more about figures from his family's Danish heritage. Peter is most likely in what stage of development?
Concrete operations
________ is a phenomenon in which an individual exposed to a suggestion will act on it. This is a concern when evaluating the role of sex and violence associated with music available to teenagers.
________ represents a fusion of media technologies mixing dynamism and active participation.
interactive media