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a female offering her body for an indiscriminate intercourse with a man usually for hire.
Name a few of the crimes associated with prostitution.
1. engaging in prostitution
2. aiding and abedding prostitution
3. associating with prostitutes
What is the three pronged test that must be applied before a literary work can be deemed obscene.
1. appeals to public interest
2. depicts hard core sexual acts previously defined offensice.
3. lacks serious literary, artistic, or political value.
Carnal knowledge of persons so realted to eath other that their marriage is prohibited by law
What are the elements of incest?
1. sexual intercourse
2. between persons within the degreeof relationship proscribed by statute
3. under some statutes, knowledge of the existence of this relationship
what are the elements of abortion prior to roe v wade?
1. intent to produce miscarriage
2. unlawful administration of drugs or the use of an instrument
3. a resulting misscarriage (this element not always necessary)