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refering to a gene pair in which the two alleles code for the same trait
monohybrid cross
a cross between individuals that involves one pair of contrasting traits
the genetice make up of an organism
the external apperance of an organism that is determined by the individual's genotype
an alternative form of a gene
the transmission of traits from parents to their offspring
in geneitcs, a category within which alternate characteristics such as height and eye color, can be observed
a segment of DNA that contains coding for a polypeptide or protein; a unit of heriditary information
What is P1 generation?
a starin obtained through self pollination
What is F1 generation?
the offspring of cross pollinated p1 generation plants
What is the diffrence between incomplete dominace and co dominace?
incomplete dominace is when both allels influence the the phenotype and co dominace is when no allele completely shows
What is the diffrence between genotype and phenotype?
genotype is the genetice make-up of an organism and a phenotype is the external apperance
What is a test cross?
crossing of an individual of unknown genotype