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What is the definition of cancer?
Cancer is a group of diseases caused by the abnormal growth of cells.
What are the recommended examinations to detect colorectal cancer, and how often should they be done?
1. Sigmoidoscopy--every three to five years
2. Digital rectal exam--every year
3. Fecal occult blood test--every year
What are three methods to detect lung cancer?
Chest x-ray, CAT scan, and analysis of the sputum
What are three risk factors for oral cancer?
Smoking, chewing tobacco, and alcohol consumption
What test is thought to be responsible for the decrease in deaths from cervical cancer?
The PAP test
What cancer is the most common in men?
Prostate cancer
What are three recommended habits a woman should incorporate into her life to help detect breast cancer early?
1. Monthly breast self-examination
2. Yearly doctor’s checkup
3. Yearly mammogram
What are the steps in the ABCD test for melanoma?



Why should we avoid foods such as ham, bacon, bologna, and hot dogs?
They contain nitrites, which increase the risk for cancer