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What does motion mean?
Distance from another object is changing.
What is a referance point?
A place or object used for comparison to determine if something is i motion.
What is the basic SI unit of length?
What is the deffinition of speed?
Speed of an object is the distance the object travels per unit of time.
What is the equation for speed?
Speed equals distance over time.
When you know both the speed and direction of an objects motion,What do you automaticaly know?
The velocity of an object.
What is velocity?
Speed in a given direction.
What is the deffinition of slope?
The steepness, or slant, of a line on a graph.
What does acceleration mean?
The rate at which velocity changes.
In science what does acceleration refer to?
Increasing speed, decreasing speed, or changing direction.
How do you determine the acceleration of an object?
You must calculate the change in velocity during each unit of time.
What does linear mean?
-The graphed line rises the same amount each second.
What does non linear mean?
The graph of distance versus time is a curved line.