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Simple Machines
- levers
- Ramps (inclined planes)
- pulleys
Perfect machines
100 % efficient
Win- work i do on machine
Wout- work done on object
Fin- small
din- big
Fout- big
dout- small
Tradeoff between F and d
Mechanical Advantage
- factor that a machine multiplies force
MechAdv- 5
5 times more force than put in
Measure of how much energy gets wasted by the machine
Bigger machine- wasting less
Eff= Win/Wout
Energy Source Idea
- You can't get something from nothing, everything < 100 % efficient
- hidden costs
- plastic
Circular Motion
Motion in a circular pattern
Turning around an internal axis (spinning)
Day and night
Moving around an external axis (orbitting)
Year (365 rotations)
Rotational speed
rate of turning- same for all parts of a rigid object
rot/s, rev/min (RPM)
Trips around per time
Tangential (linear) Speed
Rate of covering distance ms. proportionl to the distance from axis
-Turning is acceleration!
Force requires to turn always pushes inward.
Centripetal Force
"Center directed"
Inward force that causes turning.
- turning tighter and at a faster speed requires Fcentrip
Centrifugal Force
"Center Fleeing"
- does not exist
-Illusion created by Inertia
Simulated Gravity
1g- sensation of normal gravity
2-3 RPM- can adapt
- antything above can create dizziness
Center of Mass
average of mass in an object
- follows the "expected trajectory"
- serves as a natural axis of rotation
- can pretend that alk the gravity force acting on an objects acts at the cm
- An object will fall over if its center of mass extends beyond its base of support
Increase Stability
Make base of support bigger
- lower center of mass