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What is slope?
Slope describes the steepness of a line. It is the ratio of the rise to the run.
What is rate of change?
A change in one quantity with respect to another quantity.
What is direct variation?
A special type of linear equation that describes rate of change.
What is constant of variation?
The slope, or rate of change, in the equation y=kx (represented by k).
What is slope intercept form?
Y=mx + b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept.
What is a family of graphs?
Graphs that are related by having the same slope or y intercept.
What is a best fit line?
A line that is very close to most of the data points and can be drawn through data points to appromixate linear equations.
What is substitution?
An accurate way to solve systems of equations.

Example: y = x + 3
x = 3
(Substitue 3 for x in the top equation)
What is a boundary?
In the graph of a linear equation, the line of a related equation.
What is a function?
A relation in which each member of the domain is paired with exactly one member of the range.
What is a vertical line test?
A test to determine if a relation is a function. The pencil is placed at the left of the graph and moved right across the graph. If, for each value of x in the domain, it passes through no more than 1 point, on the graph, the graph is a function.
What is a x-intercept?
X coordinate of a point where the graph crosses through the x axis. The y coordinate of this point is 0.
What is a y intercept?
Y coordinate of point where the graph crosses the x-axis.
What is a linear equation?
An equation in which the variables appear in seperate terms and neither variable contains an exponent other than 1. The graph is a straight line.
What is a system of equations?
A set of equations with the same variables. The solution of the system is the ordered pair that is a solution for both the equations.