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About 75% of Western Europe's Population Lives
In Cities
The Romans Unite Their Empire by
Making a Vast System Of well Constructed Rodes
Some Geographers consider Europe and Asia To Be one Continent Call Eurasia Because...
No Body Of Water Seperates Europe and Asia Completly
Which countries of Western Europe are on the Iberian Peninsula
Spain and Portugal
The Land Known as the Great European Plain has The
Best Farmland
What Are True Statement About The Common Market?
They Elimanate Tarrifs and Barriers. Premote Free movement and workers.And It Strenghthens Econimies
The European Union's Chief Trading Partner is
The United States
Most of the Governments in Western Europe today Are
What Is Manoralism
An economic system of exchanging land use and protection for goods and services. EX:CASTLE USE IN TURN FOR FOOD.
What Happened During The Renaissance to the Roman Empire Contributions
Rebrth of the Roman Art, Painting and literature, Nore Freedom
The Allied Powers Were
Britan France Russia
Merchantalism is....
an economic system based on the idea that our countries power was measured by its wealth