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aureole, p 257
a zone or halo of contact metamorphism found in the country rock surrounding an ingeous intrusion
burial metamorphism, p 260
a low-grade of metamorphis occurring in the lowers layers of very thick sedimentary accummulations
confining pressure, p 257
an equal, all-sided pressure
contact metamorphism, p 257
changes in rock caused by the heat from a nearby magma body
differential stress, p 250
forces that are unequal in different directions
foliation, p 250
the linear arrangement of textural features seen in metamorphic rocks
gneissic texture, p 253
a texture of metamorphic rocks where light and dark silicate minerals are separated, giving the rock a banded appearance
hydrothermal metamorphism, p 258
chemical alterations ocurring as hot, chemically-active water circulates through fractures in a rock
hydrothermal solution, p 258
the hot watery solution escaping from a mass of magma. These solutions alter neighboring country rock.
Many ore deposits are left behind by hydrothermal solutions
impact metamorphism, p 261
changes in rock caused by the high pressures and temperatures accompanying the impact of a meteorite, comet, or asteroid
metasomatism, p 249
a complete change in the overall mineral composition of a rock produced by chemically active fluids
migmatite, p 264
nonfoliated texture, p 253
any texture in metamorphic rocks that lack folication
parent rock, p 244
the original rock from which a metamorphic rock formed
porhyroblastic texture, p 253
a texture of metamorphic roks in which particularly large grains (porphyroblasts) are surrounded by a fine-grained matrix of other minerals
regional metamorphism, p 260
metamorphism associated with large scale mountain building
rock cleavage, p 251
schistosity, p 252
a type of foliation characteristic of coarser-grained metamorphic rocks. Such rocks have a parallel arrangement of platy minerals such as mica.
shield, p 265
slaty cleavage, p 250
a type of foliation in metamorphic rocks where there is a parallel arrangement of fine-grained metamorphic minerals.
Slate has "slaty" cleavage. It breaks into flat plates.
texture, p 250
the size, shape and distribution of the particles in a rock
thermal metamorphism, p 257
same as contact metamorphism
structure in which brittle beds bounded by more ductile ones have been divided into segments during metamorphism
a "Boudin" is a blood sausage eaten in France