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Business-to-Business e-Commerce (B2B)
A system supporting transactions between businesses over private networks, the Internet, and the Web
Business-to-Consumer e-Commerce (B2C)
Use of the Web to connect individual CUSTOMERS directly with SELLERS to purchase products
Consumer-to-Consumer e-Commerce (C2C)
Use of the Web to connect individuals who wish to sell their personal belongings with people shopping for used items
Digital Dertificate
Type of electronic business card that is attached to Internet transaction data
E-commerce Host
Company that takes on some or all of the responsibility of setting up and maintaining an e-commerce system for a business or organization.
E Cash
Web service that provides a private and secure method of transferring funds from a bank account or credit card to online vendors
Electronic Commerce
E-commerce, the process of conducting business or other transactions online, over the Internet, or using other telecommunications and network systems; systems that support elect.
Use of high-level mathematical functions and computer algorithms to encode data so that it is unintelligible to all but the intended recipient.
Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)
Form of e-commerce that takes place over wireless mobile devices such as handheld computers and cell phones
Smart Cards
Credit cards with embedded microchips
Decision Support System (DSS)
Information system used to support problem-specific decision making.
Web Services
Programs that automate tasks by communicating with each other over the Web.