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what city did the aztecs found?
what island was the aztec city built in the middle of?
el lago de texcoco
how did the aztecs make room for larger populations?
by layering mud and aquatic plants wonven on frames.
who conquered the aztecs?
the spanish
the spanish drained texcoco. what became of the dry lake?
it became the distrito federal (D.F.)
im exico city, where is the best contrast between old and new buildings?
la plaze de las tres culturas
what do u pass in the subway system in mexico city?
pyramids and glass cases displaying aztec artifacts that were discovered when workers excavated the subway tunnel.
what is mexico city the home of?
the printing press and mint and one of the first universities in the americas.
mexico city is the second larges and most rapidly growing metropolitan area in the world.
just xtra info