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An Oxford professor who attacked Church corruption. translated the Bible into English so the people could read it themselves instead of relying on the clergy.
John Wycliffe
A Bohemian (Czech Republic) professor who led the call for Church reforms.
Jan Hus
A peasant girl from France who led the French to several victories.
Joan of Arc
An Italian poet who wrote about Joan of Arc's bravery & successes. She also wrote The City of Ladies, questioning men's attitudes about women.
Christine de Pizan
Wrote "The Canterbury Tales" about characters pilgrimaging to Thomas Becket's tomb.
Geoffrey Chaucer
Wrote "Divine Comedy" a poem about an imaginary journey through purgatory.
"Dante" Alighieri
A "thinker" who examined Christian teachings in the ight of reason. He said faith and reason can co-exist.
Thomas Aquinas
Rulers who united two powerful kingdoms through marriage and opened the way for a unified state in SPAIN
A young Venetian explorer who wrote about the wonders of China which encouraged trade & exploration
Marco Polo
A Muslim leader who united most of the Middle East during the Crusades.
The Pope who called for the First Crusade from the Council of Clermont.
Pope Urban II
Pope who expanded papal power and claimed supremacy over all other rulers. He launched the Albigensian Crusade against those who wanted to return to simpler ways of the church
Pope Innocent III
German ruler who spent little time Germany and consequently lost power for the German nobles in that country.
Frederick II
Arguged that monarchs should be able to appoint bishops; got himself excommunicated!
Henry IV
Once of greatest Medieval Popes; determined to make the Church independent of secular rulers; excommunicated Henry IV
Pope Gregory VII
King who tried to impose extremely high taxes on nobles which ultimately led to the Magna Carta
King John of England
Norman king who took control of England following The Battle of Hastings.
William the Conqueror
Archbishop of Canterbury who fiercely opposed Henry's desire to "try" clergy in royal courts. Murdered by Henry's knights.
Thomas Becket