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What is Image Manipulation?
Image Manipulation is any technique or processing of an image that will modify its propertied to increase the useful information and decrease the "noise"
Image Manipulation techniques fall into 2 categories: linear and nonlinear, what are the differences between the two?
Linear techniques include image smoothing and enhancement.
Nonlinear techniques include gray scale manipulation.
What is Windowing?
Windowing refers to a method by which the CT image grey scale can be manipulated by the computer and Ct numbers.
What is Window Width (WW)?
Window Width is the absorbtion measurement range, expressed in Hounsfield Units.
When WW is large all soft tissue has the same grey tone.
When WW is narrow contrast is sharp and short scale, black and white.
Medium WW is optimal.
What is Window Level (WL)?
The widow level is the middle of the range of CT numbers and can be positioned anywhere on the Window Width.
As the WL moves toward the higher CT numbers (white) more CT numbers with lower values are displayed (black)
What is Multiplanar Reconstruction?
Multiplanar Reconstruction or image reformatting or image reformation is a computer program used to create coronal, sagital and paraxial images from the original axial scans. Image quality can be lacking from these refomats.
What is Quantative CT?
Measure bone mineral density, the mineral content in the trabecular bones.
Checking for osteoporosis
What is Xenon CT and what is it used for?
Xenon CT uses xenon gas inhalation equipment and contrast. Xenon gas has a high atomic number, high fat solubility and ability to cross the brain blood barrier. Ideal for cerebral blood flow imaging and study of brain function.
What are the basic visualation tools?
1. multiple imaging and multiple windows
3.Measurements of angles and distances
4.Superimposition reference for biopsies
7.Split Imaging
What are the Advanced visualation tools?
1. 3D
2. CT Angio
3. 4D Angio, Volume Rendering
4. Vessel Tracking
5. Multiplanar Recons
6. Cine
7. Advanced quantative measurements
8. Multimodality image infusion tools
9. Virtual Reality Imaging