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The prefix mono- means "one." How does this apply to the key term monohybrid cross?
Involves one pair of contrasting traits.
What information does the third sentence tell the reader?
Only one trait was passed in.
Describe the offspring of a true-breeding white-flowering plant.
Cross-breeding two white flowers it would probably be white flowers.
What is the P generation?
Parental Generation- is the first two individuals that mate in a genetic cross.
What does the term F1 generation refer to?
The first offspring from a cross of two varieties in the P generation.
During the course of his experiment, Mendal studied traits in
C. three generations of plants. generation of plants.
b.two generations of plants.
c. three generations of plants.
d. more than five generations of plants.
What did T. A. Knight discover?
Mating two flowers of different colors. found out that when cross breeding two purple flowers that sometimes you get a white with the group of purple flowers.
How did Mendel's scientific work differ from the work of T. A. Knight?
Counted the number of each kind of offspring and sanalyzed the Data.
What are three reasons that garden pea is a good subject for studying heredity?
1.The garen-pea has many traits that have two clearly different forms that are easy to tell apart.
2.The mating of the garden-pea flowers can be easily controlled because the male and female reproductive parts are enclosed within the same flower.
3. the garden-pea is small, grows easily, matures quickly, and produces many offsprings.
4.A monohybrid cross is a mating that considers one pair of contrasting traits.

5.Cross-pollination assures that each variety of garden-pea is true-breeding.

6.The P generation consists of the first two individuals that are crossed in a breeding experiment.

7.In mendal's experiment in which he cross-pollinated two P generation plants that had contrasting forms of a trait, the F1 generation showed both forms of the trait.

8.The F2 generation in Mendel's experiment was obtained by cross-pollinating the F1 generation.

9.The F2 generation in Mendel's experiment showed both fomrs of the trait in a ratio of 1:1.
If the allele for yellow peas is Y, the allele for the contrasting trait, green peas, is
If Tt is the genotype of a plant, where T stands for tall and the recessive allele stands for short, its phenotype is
If tt is the genotype of a plant, where T stands for tall and the recessive allele stands for short, its phenotype is
What is the law of segregation?
States that the two alleles for a trait segregate when gametes are formed.
What is the law of independent assortment?
States that the alleles of different genes seperate independently of one during gamete formation.