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What are the 3 goals of prevention?
1. Prevent abuse from beginning
2. Stop abuse where it has begun
3. Treat people suffering from abuse and addiction
What are the 3 prevention methods?
1. Reduce the supply of drugs.
a. enforce legal penalties
b. interdict supplies
2. Reduce the demand by reducing drug craving.
3. Reduce the harm caused by drug use
What is the percentage of and the drugs used by pregnant women?
11% to 18% of all pregnant women in the U.S. use alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and PCP.
What is Fetal alcohol syndrome?
The third most common birth defect and the leading cause of mental retardation in the U.S.
When is the maximum risk for the fetus?
Maximum risk to the fetus is in the first 12 weeks when formation of limbs and organs takes place.
What are the percentages of babies born that are affected by cocaine?
From 20-25%
What are the withdrawl symptoms of infants?
extreme agitation, increased respiratory rates and hyperactivity.
Heroin addeicts suffer what if pregnant?
miscarriages, abruption placenta, still births, and infections.
If Benzodiazipines are taken during pregancy, what are the risks?
can lead to fetal depression and deat
If mothers were to not smoke at all today, how much of a decrease of infant mortality rate would there be?
U.S.A. infant mortality rate would drop 30%
What percentage of juveniles are tested positive for drugs in 1995?
Why is cocaine and amphetimines used so popular?
These drugs are popular because they can prolong an erection, increase endurance and intensify an orgasm with initial low dose use.
What is HIV?
Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus, the virus which causes AIDS
What is AIDS?
Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is identified by the incidence of one or more serious illnesses which develop when HIV has taken control. AIDS is also defined as having a T-cell count below 200.
What is the likelyhood of having aids in the US?
One in every 130 to 260 people in the U.S. has the HIV virus
In 1995 what is the cost of businesses and drugs?
140 billion dollars
What is EAP and what are its goals of it?
Employee assistance programs

Primary prevention educates and trains at all corporate levels and acts as employee benefits made readily available to employees

4. Secondary prevention emphasizes identification and early intervention

5. Tertiary prevention promotes self-, peer-, and supervisor-referral for diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare
What is EMIT?
Enzyme Multiplied Immuno-assay that is sensitive, rapid, and easy, but cannot distinguish concentrations and must be run separately for each drug
What drugs are commonly abused by the elderly?
alcohol, sedatives, Darvon and other opioid analgesics; cough syrups; and sleep aids