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transportation revolution
built Erie Canal
rise to individualism
Market Revolution
parliament has the right to legislate for the colonies in all cases whatsoever.
Declaratory Act
*served to distinguish officers from rest of pop.
*inaugural in NYC- rode in on white horse=nobility
*wearing laurel wreath
*dignified-black velvet, feathered hat, polished sword, liveried slave
George Washington
*set out to draft written document in 1776
*fed. govt. should have power to persue war/peace, foreign relations, regulate trade, and run postal service
*few ppl wanted strong natl. govt
2nd contl. congress
*single house
*delegates appointed annually by state legis.
*each state had one vote
*no delegate allowed to serve more than 3 yrs. out of the 6
*no exec. branch
*declare war
*coin money
*COULD NOT regulate trade
*COULD NOT levy taxes
Articles of Confederation
*DEBTS from war
*successful revolution could have been jeopardized
*printed paper $$ to pay off debts
>they had no silver to back it which created inflation
*money loses value everyday - rampant consumption >why save or lend money if its losing value
SPECULATORS buy all kinds of currency w/ silver dollars
critical period
legis. prevents govt. from seizing homes
1780s - levy tax on imported goods
stay laws
*privately held
*4 ppl owned 40%
*would hold govt.s hard currency and issue paper $$ (backed by silver)
*not democratic
Bank of N. America
2 parts
*provided for sale and colonization of territory held by fed. govt.
*divided land - $1/acre
*need $640 to buy land
*former soldiers anxious to buy land
Northwest Ordinance
*protest and threaten to shut down courts
*2500 farmers joined
*seize arsenal in center of state
*could be thrown in jail if didn't pay taxes
*state seizing farms
Shay's Rebellion
*not a united front
*ppl fight b/c they believe they are equal
*colonists had local militia
*desertion rate = 25%
*100 acres of land if live
*could pay someone to take your place
*officers fought for right to buy and sell commisions/offices
*died of disease in military camps
*immigrants, working class, poor = army
(landless and unskilled)
Continental Army
*Thomas Paine wrote this
*why should one man by accident of birth rule over all others
*Adam's response to this - did not want democracy - felt wealth should be in charge
Common Sense
*55 delegates
*wanted stronger fed. govt.
*2/3rds lawyers - no diversity
*RI-no delegates
*nailed windows shut-prevent news from spreading
GOAL=to replace confed. with fed. govt.-control finances and fiscal policies
Constitutional Convention
*complete repudiation of confed.
*3 branch govt.
>legis-2 houses
>powerful executive
*govt. directly represents ppl
*congress power to veto state legis.
*power to force states to obey natl. laws
*exec. and judiciary rt. to veto acts of congress
VA plan
*put forth by smaller states
*single-house congress
*each state=one vote
*congress has power to tax and use force on unruly states
NJ plan