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Arreglar La Casa
Arrange the House
Recoger La Mesa
Clear the Table
(after dinner you)
Lavar los platos
wash the dishes
(what do you do with a dirty plate)
Dar de Comer el Perro/gato
Feed the dog/cat
(animal is hungy)
Paser la aspiradora
to vacume
limpiar la cocina
clean the kitchen
(you have a dirty kitchen so you..)
Sacar la Basura
take out the garbage
you take out the _______
Preparar la comida
perpare the food
COOK...Make the
Poner la mesa
Set the table
you do this before you eat
Hacer la cama
Make the bed
you do this when you first wake up
colgar(ue) la ropa
hang up the clothes
(your mom brings you clean clothses so you..)
limpiar la cAsa
clean the house
after a huge house party you...
Comprar comida
Buy Food
to eat food you need money to ..
Acabp de Preparar la Paelle
I have just prepared the paella
Acabo de Preparar la Paelle
I have just prepared the paella
Raul acaba de limpiar el piso
raul has just cleaned the floor
to me, For me
to me, For me
to you, for you
to you, for you, to him, for him, to her for her
to us for us
to you for you( vosotros-as)
to you, for you to them for them
Ana ba a darme la receta
Ana is going to give me the recipe
Estoy Halandote
I am talking to you
el supermercado
the super market
la coma
the bed
¿Arreglar la casa?
Si,(No,no) La arreglo
¿Qué acaban de hacer Uds?
Acaba,ps de [re[arar la comida