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inflammation of the kidney glomerulus
interstitial nephritis
inflammation of the renal interstitium (connective tissue that lies between the renal tubules)
kidney stones (renal calculi)
nephrotic syndrome
a group of symptoms caused by excessive protein loss in the urine (also called nephrosis)
polycystic kidneys
multiple fluid-filled sacs (cysts) within and upon the kidney

A hereditary condition
inflammation of the renal pelvis and renal medulla
renal cell carcinoma (hypernephroma)
cancerous tumor of the kidney in adulthood

Hematuria is primary symptom. Turmor accounts for 2% of all cancers in adults.
renal failure
failure of the kidney to excrete wastes and maintain its filtration function
renal hypertension
high blood pressure resulting from kidney disease

Causes: secondary hypertension
or essential hypertension
Wilms tumor
malignant tumor of the kidney that occurs in childhood
bladder cancer
malignant tumor of the urinary bladder
diabetes insipidus
inadequate secretion or resistance of the kidney to the action of antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
diabetes mellitus
inadequate secretion or improper utilization of insulin
secondary hypertension
high blood pressure caused by an abnormal condition such as glomerulnephritis or renal artery stenosis
essential hypertension
hypertension without known cause or preexisting renal disease

chronic essential hypertension can cause arteriole walls in the kidney to become narrowed & thickened
Final phase of chronic renal failure
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or ESRD - end stage renal disease