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major east west highway started in 1811 that by 1818ran from Cumberland, Maryland, to Wheeling, Virginia (now West virgania)
National Road
American inventer who disigned and built the Clermont, the steam boat that traveled up stream on the Hudson river in 1807
Robert Fulton
time of change in buissness and industry in wcich manufacuring shifted from hand tools to large, copmplex machines; goods were made in facturies instead of workshops in the homes
Inustrial Revolution
industrialists who built textile machinery in the U.S.atfer touring British textile mills
Francis C. Lowell
American inventer and developer of inter changeable parts
Eli Whitney
uniform peices that can be made in large quannities to replace other identiacl peices
interchangeable parts
American inventer who perfered the telegraph and developed morse code for sending messages
Samule F.B. Morse
organization of workers that works for betterwages and working conditions
labor union
wok stopage