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Phrase used to discribe James Monroe's preidency because of the harmony in national; politics
Era OF good Feelings
Republican who proposed the second bank of the us & sponsore a federal in ternal improvment plan
John C. Calhoun
Tax on goods that provides income for th federal gov't
Revenue Tariff
Chief justice of the U.S.supreme courtwhose ruling helped establish a strong federal gov't
John Marshall
Seminole leader who warned a U.s. general to stay out of florda
treaty of 1819that ceded all of florda to the U.S. & finalized the western border of the Louisiana Purchase
Adams-Onis Treaty
alliance formed by the European countries of Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia, and later France, in order to put doun movements agianst monarchies in europe
Quardruple Alliance
tax on goods to help domestic manufactures by taxing inports to drive up thier prices
protective tariff