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Name 2 things Georgia had in common with other colonies.
Languages, culture.
Name 3 regional patterns England's colonies were developing along by the late 1600's.
New England Colonies, Middle Atlantic Colonies, Southern Colonies
Name 5 goods all colonies were expected to send to England.
Food, Tobacco, Lumber, Naval Stores, Deer hides
What limited agriculture in the New England colonies?
Cold climate, Short growing season, and Rocky,hilly land.
Describe the New England farms.
Small and primarily for family use.
What jobs did slaves do in New England?
Household servants, laborers, and skilled or semi-skilled workers.
Name 4 ways New Englanders made their living.
Blacksmiths, Coppersmiths, Silversmiths, Furniture makers
What was the largest New England city?
Define urbanized.
Within a city.
Why had most New England colonies been founded?
For the English to have their own religion, or religious reasons.
Why were schools so important to the New Englanders?
Because there were laws about school, and they had to learn to read the Bible.
Name the Middle Atlantic colonies. (4 of them)
New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania
What crops were grown in the Middle Atlantic colonies?
Wheat, oats, corn
What was the main economic activity in the Middle Atlantic colonies?
What other economic developments were there in the Middle Atlntic colonies.?
Rich iron ore deposits and other mining minerals.
Name the 2 largest cities of this area.
Philadelphia and New York.
What were school requirements in the Middle Atlantic colonies?
There were none.
Name 4 backgrounds of these colonists.
English, Dutch, German, Scot-Irish.
Name 5 Southern colonies.
Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
Name 3 factors that led the Southern colonies to become farming colonies.
Warm climate, rich soil, and vast coastal plains.
What was the main difference between a Southern farm and a Middle Atlantic farm?
Southern farms were large plantations.
Middle Atlantic farms were small farms.
What was the cash crop of Virginia and Maryland? Of S.C. & Ga.?

rice and indigo.
What was the only major city in the south during the colonial era? Why?
Charleston, because the economy was tied into agriculture. It as also a port city.
What kind of education was there in the Southern colonies?
There were a few schools and no laws on attendence.
Name some of the strange animals the colonists found in Georgia.
Alligators, Cougars, Opossums, Buffalos, Pelicans, Raccoons, and Rattlesnakes.
Name at least 5 countries that colonists came to Ga. from.
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, and France.
Who were the Salzburgers?
A group of German-speaking settlers in Savannah.
What did the Sazburgers call their Ga. Settlement? Where was its location?
They called it Ebenezer. It was about 25 miles upriver (NW) from Savannah.
Why did the Salzburgers flee their country?
The people in Austria did not like their religious beliefs.
What kind of settlement was Ebenezer?
It was a religious community where people could practice that religion.
Describe life in the Ebenezer community. Who was the community leader?
Life was based on their religion, they were poor, and were sick alot.
The leader was John martin Boltzius.
Was was John Adam Treutlen?
He was a school teacher. He was also the first person to bear the title of "governor".
Who was Juan Canaries?
The first African to come to America.
Why were Africans sailing to America on Spanish explorer's ships?
Because the Africans had lived in Spain for over 700 years.
Why did Spanish and other European traders bring slaves to the colonies?
To sell them to the wealthy landowners.
Who sold Africans to the European traders?
The Africans leaders and rulers.
What is a slave?
A person who is owned by another person. The slave has no rights.
What English colony had the first Africans?
Why were they servants and not slaves?
Because they didn't allow them to be sold as slaves.
Define indentured servant?
A slave that works for a set period of time to pay off the cost of their debt which was paid for by the person who bought them.
What was triangular trade?
A trade system between three places. (i.e. Savannah, England, & Spain)
When did the trustees finally allow slavery in Georgia?
December 1750
Define the slave codes.
Laws that govern the ownership and treatment of slaves.
Name the 5 provisions made by the slave codes of 1770.
1-offspring of slaves were to remain absolute slaves and property of the owner.
2-Slaves could not travel outside the town or plantation without a ticket. If caught, punishment was whipping up to 20 lashes.
3-If a slave struck a white person, the slave would suffer (after trial and conviction)any punishment the justice thought fit, not extending to life or limb. 2nd offense punishment was death.
4-a person employing a slave on Sunday, in when absolute necessity, must forfeit 10 shillings.
5- anyone teaching a slave to read or write would forfeit 20 pounds.
What was the primary purpose of the slave codes?
To make sure the slaves were kept in their place.
How did some of Georgia's planters become very wealthy?
They had many slaves working on their plantations.
By 1773, Savannah had become a busy_____.
What brought change to Savannah society?
Prosperity. Many had hired laborers, indentured servants or slaves.
How did life change from 1733 to 1773 for colonial Gerogians?
Because of prosperity, and help, they Savannah residents turned to specialists. Shoemakers, tailors, cabinetmakers, coopers, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, masons, saddlers, wheelwrights, sailmakers, mechanics, artists, millers, bakers, butchers, lawyers, doctors, clergymen, and teachers.
What was Georgia's colonial capital?
What position in society did a woman in colonial Georgia hold?
She was tied to her husband's place in society.
What group was in the lowest position in society?
Blacks and a few freedmen.
What group held the highest position in society?
A small group of wealthy rice planters and shipping merchants.
Describe the life of indentured servants or slaves.
They had no voice in any matter. They worked all the time.
Where was the real growth of Georgia taking place by the 1760's?
The backcountry (Augusta).
What became a gateway to the backcountry?
Describe the life of a backcountry settler.
Rowdy, rugged and simple. They had to rely on their own skills to get by. Small farmers.
What were some of the recreational activities of the backcountry settler?
Dances, shooting matches, and horse races.
What kind of school system did colonial Georgia have?
No established system. Shildren were taught by their parents.
What kind of education did boys receive?
Trades or farming.
What kind of education did girls receive?
How to manage a household. Could be bound out to a family.
Define "bound out".
Working for another family to learn a skill or trade.
When were Catholics allowed to settle in Ga?
After the American Revolution in 1796, in Wilkes County.
Who were John and Charles Wesley?
Two Anglican clergymen who came in 1736 to minister to the colonists and convert the Indians to Christianity.
Charles Wesley was the Oglethrope's secretary. John Wesley founded the Methodist sect.
Who is called the founder of Methodism?
John Wesley.
Who established Bethesda Orphan House?
George Whitefield.
How important was religion in colonial Georgia?
Very important. The royal govenor was required to see that the Sabbath was properly observed.