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the mental activities associated with thought, decision making, language and other higher metnal processes
mental rules of thumb that permit us to make decisions and judgements in a rapid and efficient manner
escalation of commitment
the tendancy to become increasingly committed to bad decisions even as losses assicated with them increase
metacognitive processing
an expanded level of awareness that allows us in a sense to observe oursleves in the problem solving process
factors in the environment that can harm the developing fetus
stable individuals differences in the quality and intensity of emotional reactions
out ability to recognize the meotions of others, to understand thses feeling and to experince them oursleves at least to a degree
a strong affectional bond between infants and their caregivers
retrograde amnesia
loss of memory prior to acciedent
anterograde amnesia
unable to create new memories after an event
korsakoff's syndrome
illness caused by longterm alcohol use, involves retrograde amnesia
the usually progressive deterioration of intellectual functions such as memory that can occur while other brain functions such as those controlling movement and the senses are retained.
See also senile dementia

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