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amore amoris
M. Love
carmen carmenis
n. song
civitas civitatis
f. state, citizenship
corpus corporis
n. body
homo hominis
m. human being, man
labor -is
m. labor
littera, ae
f. a letter of the alphabet, a lettter
mos, moris
m. habit custom, manner
mores morum pl. habit
nomen nomenis
n. name
pax, paxis
f. peace
regina -ae
f. queen
rex, regis
m. king
tempus temporis
n. time
terra -ae
f. earth ground land
uxor, uxoris
f. wife
virgo virginis
f. maiden
virtus virtutis
f. manliness, courage
novus -a -um
prep+acc after
prep+abl under, up under
audeo, audere, ausus, sum
to dare
neco, necare necavi necatum
to murder kill