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What was the Spanish Armada?
a fleet of Spanish warships
Northwest Passage
a water route through North America to Asia.
the amount of money remaining after the costs of a business have been paid.
Hudson River
a tidal river in Eastern New York that empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
What countries sent explorers to search for the Northwest Passage?
England, France, Netherlands.
Why was Henry Hudson disappointed when the "great river" narrowed and became shallower?
because he realized it was not the Northwest Passage.
Who founded Port Royal?
Samuel de Champlain
What did the search for the Northwest Passage make possible?
For England, France and the Netherlands to begin building colonies, it allowed European countries to claim land and establish colonies in North America.
shares of ownership in a country
cash crop
a crop that is grown to be sold for a profit.
Indentured servant
A person who agreed to work for someone in Colonial America for a fixed amount of time in order to pay for the Ocean Voyage.
A long arm of the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by Virginia and Maryland.
Chesapeake Bay
A town in southeast Virginia founded in 1607
*1st permanent English settlement in North America
Why did English Merchants want to build colonies in the Americas?
They had heard that America had a lot of fish and fun bearing animals.
Why did the English choose Chesapeake Bay?
Because it had plentiful fish, a good deal of water and hunting (lots of deer)
Why do you think the people of the Powhatan Cheifdom have united?
To protect their hunting grounds. They also shared a language.
Why did the English build their settlement on the Chesapeake Bay?
The location seemed to be safe from Spanish ships.
Why was Smith disgusted by the Colonists?
They were more interested in looking for gold than planting crops.
What did Smith force the colonists to do?
He made them build houses, plant crops and raise livestock.
An agreement the Pilgrims made before landing in New England to make and obey "just and equal laws"
Mayflower Compact
Sachem (Saychum)
The leader or chief of any group of Native Americans in the Eastern woodlands and Great Lakes Region.
A peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts, enclosing Cape Cod Bay.
Cape Cod
New England
Northeastern region of the United Stated, containing the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Conneticut and Rhode Island.
A town in southeastern Massachusetts, founded by the Pilgrims in 1620
Who were the Protestants?
Protestant beliefs and practices were different from those of Catholics. People who left the Roman Catholic Church. They set up their own Christian Church called the Church of England.
Why did the Protestants set up their own Protestant Church?
They felt that the other church kept too many Catholic ways.
What happened to the Pilgrims during the 1st winter that they spent in their new colony?
They were starving and many died from disease. Also, their governor died and only about 1/2 were alive.
Who were the Puritans?
Another group of English people who were treated badly and came to America seeking religious freedom; people just like the pilgrims.