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2 consuls
1 year term
nominated by senate
has power like the presedent in the united states.
drained marshes
writing-the greek alphabet
could bild arches
elected king
most famous for there arches
and being very good at bilding.
Mediterranean Sea
Rome fought carthage for control over the werstern part of the mediterranean sea.
the thing they were fighting for during the punic wars.
Senate-set up the republic
300 patricans for life.

Sulla- restored order
made senate strong
weakend pleabians
both start with S
Tiber River
Rome was bilt on tiber river
what river is rome on?
Tiberius and gaius (brothers)
land reform to help small farmers- pleabians
gave land to the poor
plebains vrs. patucians
civl war
sulla became dictator
the brothers who gave land to the poor.
Hadrians Wall
Bilt by hadrian in britian

kept solders busy

protection against celtecs
the wall were they found the garbage dump.
Greek astronomer

new the earth was round.
new earth was round wrong about everything else.
Twelve Tables
Laws of the republic

judge had to treat the pleabeians and patucians the same.
no hint
Greek from sicily who fought romans

almost defeated romans but losses of solders were to great.

pyrric victory= costly victory
lost to many men
Pathictic writer
wrote history in rome
wanted "simple ways" of fouding romans.