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A place owned and governed by a country.
A huge movement of people trying to find gold.
A Gold Rush
a person who went to California in 1849 to search for gold.
A forty-niner.
a point of land that reaches out into the ocean.
A cape
A fast sailing ship
A clipper ship.
A narrow piece of land that connects to larger land areas.
An isthmus.
A low, wet area, usually covered by shallow water.
A swamp.
An area a miner said belonged to him or her.
A claim.
All the business that one kind of product or provide one kind of service.
Is an Industry.
A person whoo sets up a new business.
An entrepreneur.
A kind of economy in which people can own and run their own business.
Free enterprise.
People who buy a product or a service.
A consumer.
A number of people who live in a place.
A population.
A person who takes the law into his or her own hands.
A vigilante
The unfair treatment of people because of such things as their religion,race,or their birthplace.
The way people use new ideas to make tools or machines.
A important meeting.
People who represent or speak and act for all the Califorians that elcted them.
a plan of government.
is the making of some people the property of other peole.
A stae which slavery is outlawed
Free states.
A place which slavery was legal.
Slave staes.
Each side of a conflict gives up what they want in order to reach an agreement.
In a compromise.
A group of peoplechosen to make a decisionto make a certain problem
A comission.