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Define Resolving Power
Resolving Power is the ability to record fine detail
What is the usual unit of measurement for resolving power?
Lines per Millimeter
Give two other names for edge sharpness.
Clarity of Detail, Acuteness
The term resolving power is associated with:

A. Clarity of Detail
B. Lens sensitivity
C. Lines per millimeter
D. Dimension of object
C. Lines per millimeter

"The term resolving powere refers to the ability of an emulsion or lens to record fine detail distinguishably."
Which Statement is correct?

A. Resolving Power is the combined effect of definition and acuteness.
B. Definition is the combined effect of resolving power and acuteness.
C. Acuteness is the combined effect of definition and resolving power.
D. Accurately determining the shape of an object is made possible by lens resolving power.
B. Definition is the combined effect of resolving power and acuteness.

"Photographic definition is the combined effect of resolving power and acuteness of resolution."
What is the optical center of the lens?
A point within a lens aat which the rays of light from two sources cross
What determines the focal length of a lens?
The distance from the optical center to infinity
What determines the size of the image produced by a given lens as a given lens-to-subject distance?
The lens focal length
If you want maximum coverage of a scene and you have two cameras, one with a 2 inch focal length and one with a 3 inch focal length, which would you choose?
The 2 inch focal length camera
Which of those same two cameras would you use for maximum image size of a small object?
The 3 inch focal length camera
When a lens is focused on infinity, the distance from the optical center of the lens to the camera focal place is called:
A. depth of focus
B. depth of field
C. object distance
D. focal length
D. focal length

"The focal length is the distance between the optical center of the lens and the camera focal place when the lens is focused on infinity."
The distance at which parallel lines appear to converge(combine)is:
A. infinity
B. parallelism
C. focal length
D. subject coverage
A. infinity

"Infinity is a the distance at which parallel lines appear to converge."
At approximately what distance may we consider light rays from a distant object parallel?

A. 50 meters
B. 100 meters
C. 200 meters
D. 400 meters
B. 100 meters

"We can consider light rays from a very distant object, approximately 100 meters, parallel."
A lens' focal length is determined by the:

A. number of lens elements used in the lens
B. distance between the positive lens elements
C. Way the light rays are refracted by the lens
D. Distance from the first lens elements to the focal plane
C. Way the light rays are refracted by the lens

"The way the light rays are refracted by the lens determines the focal length."
Other factors remaining constant, which lens produces a larger image (a tree)?
A. 100 mm lens
B. 200 mm lens
C. 400 mm lens
D. 525 mm lens
D. 525 mm lens

"The longer the lens focal length, the larger is the image size of a given objective at a given lens-to-subject distance."
As the focal length decreases,
A. image size increases
B. coverage increases
C. lens speed decreases
D. lens-to-subject distance increases
B. coverage increases

"As focal length increases, image size increases, but coverage decreases. "
Which lens speed has the faster rating?

5.98 (152 mm FL and 25.4 mm D)


6.42 (228 mm FL and 35.5 mm D)

(the small the number, the faster the speed)
Which lens has the faster rating?

8.99 (457 mm FL and 50.8 mm D)


2.33 (355 mm FL and 152 mm D)
Lens speed refers to the lens'

A. maximum aperture diameter
B. minimum aperture diameter
C. maximum focal length
D. minimum focal length
A. maximum aperture diameter

"Lense speed refers to the maximum aperture diamter of a lens--the maximum amount of light that can pass to the focal plane to form the image."
The intensity of illumination of an object varies according to the distance of the object from a light source. What law is concerned with this phenomenon?

A. Focal-length law
B. Speed of lens law
C. Inverse-square law
D. Hyperfocal-distance law
C. Inverse-Square Law

"The Inverse-square law states that the illumination on a surface by a pointed light source varies inversely to the square of the distance from the source."