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What are the 4 types of single family homes?
Bungalow, one and 1/2 story, split-level and two story
What are the four major systems in a house?
Communication, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating
What are the 3 functions used when grouping rooms?
Eating, Living, Sleeping
The circuits that carry electricity in a product or for light, heat and appliances throughtout the home
Electrical System
Boards that support the lines set up to locate the building so excavating can begin for the foundation
Batter Boards
A system that includes a feedback device to provide control
Closed-loop system
A building system that involves basic room units of different sizes and shapes that can be combined on site
Modular Construction
A means of transmitting and/or receiving information between two or more points.
Communication Sytstem
Material used in the walls and ceiling of a building to help control heat loss and heat gain.
A drawing that shows the arrangement of rooms in a building
Floor Plan
The footing and foundation wall that support a building and spread its load over a large ground area
A mixture of clay and straw used as a structural material in the southwestern United States.
The furnace and associated ducts or pipes used to distribute heated air or water to the different rooms of a home.
Heating System
A series of parts or objects connected together for a particular purpose
Horizontal member of a house framework that supports the floor
A vertical framing member to which gypsum board, paneling, or other wall coverings are attached
Wall Stud
The means used to bring in clean water and dispose of waste water in a home
Plumbing System
The simplest form of a framed structure, with horizontal framing members supported by vertical members
Post and Lintel
The lowest portion of a building's foundation. The foundation wall rests on top of it.
A system of building in which components (such as wall framing) are built in a factory, rather than on the job site.
A horizontal structural member, usually used to support floor or roof joists.
The land on which a building is to be built.
Designing the exterior space that surrounds a home.
A covering over joists that supports other floor coverings
A system that is not controlled through the use of a feedback device
Open-loop System