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The Year the latins overthrew the Etruscan king.
509 B.C.
Punic Wars
264-146 B.C.
313 AD
When Jesus Went to Jerusalem for Passover
39 AD
The Jews rose over Rome
69 AD
Rome Fell
180 AD
End of old Roman Empire
476 AD
Latins migrated to Italy
800 bc
Agustus Began rule
31 bc
Pax Romana Ends
180 ad
Julius Ceaser Rules
44 BC
Rome's laws were inscribed on 12 Tablets
450 BC
Rome controled most of Italy
270 BC
Rome's Power Extendes to Spain
133 BC
Caesar Set out to make new conquests
59 BC
Ceaser died
44 BC
Mt. Vesuvius Erupts
79 AD