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"articles that are intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or otherwise applied to the human body or any part thereof for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness or altering the appearance."
Functional Ingredients
ingredients in cosmetice products that allow the products to spread, give them body and texture, and give them a specific form such as lotion, cream, or gel.
Performance Ingredients
ingredients in cosmetic products that cause the actual changes in the appearance of the skin.
products intended to improve the skin's health and appearance.
products that do not contain any water.
cosmetic ingredients that are almost always fatty agents; can act as either vehicles or performance ingredients.
technique of moisturizing by placing a layer of emollient over the skin in order to keep natural moisture from escaping from the epidermis.
Fatty Acids
lubricant ingredients derived from plant oils or animal fats; they are not irrataing.
Fatty Alcohols
fatty acids that have been exposed to hydrogen; they are not drying.
Fatty Esters
emollients produced from fatty acids and alcohols.
group of mineral-based substances used in cosmetics as lightweight emollients or vehicles.
tendency of any topical substance to cause or to worsen a buildup of dead cells in the follicle, leading to the development of a comedo(blackhead).
main type of surfactant used in skin care products.
surfactant that keeps oils and water blended in a product.
Oil Soluble
compatible with oil.
Water Soluble
mixable with water.
vehicle ingredients added to thicken products or to help suspend ingredients that are hard to mix into a product.
Aromatherapy Oils (essential oils)
frequently used in skin care products; highly concentrated plant oils that possess properties that have various effects on the skin and can be used to relax or stimulate the client's mood.
substances that inhibit oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides.
Certified Colors
inorganic color agents also known as metal salts; listed on ingredient labels as D&C(drug and cosmetic).
common term for certified colors.
Noncertified colors
organic color agents.
Hydrators (humectants or hydrophilic agents)
ingredients that actually attract water to the skin's surface.
Delivery Systems
chemical techniques using vehicles to make productswork.
wehicles that transfer important ingredients such as hydrators, antioxidants, or alphahydroxy acids to the skin by slowly dissolving them over time.
advanced vehicles that release substances onto the skin's surface at microscopically controlled rate.
ingredients derived from yeast cells that help stregthen the immune system and stimulate the metabolism; they are also hydrophilic and help preseve and protect collagen and elastin.
ingredients used in anti-aging cosmetics to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the formation of collagen.
Tissue Respiratory Factor(TRF)
ingredient derived from yeast cells that functions as an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredient.
Glycoproteins (glycopolypeptides)
yeast cell derivatives that enhance cellular metabolism, which boosts oxygen uptake in the cell.
Coenzyme Q10
powerful antioxidant protects and revitalizes skin cells.
Setting Masks
masks that harden and dry after a few minutes of exposure to air; used for cleansing, removing surface dead cells, and absorbing sebum.
Nonsetting Masks
primarily moisturizing and soothing masks that do not harden or dry.
user-friendly versions of ampoules, intended for a specific corrective treatment used day and night for 30 to 60 days or more.