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Consumer Behavior
The process by which individuals or groups select,use,or dispose of good,services,ideas,or experiences to satisfy needs and wants
Three Roles of Consumers
users, payers, and buyers
Who are Users and what are they concerned about?
Are consumers who actually use the product.

Concern:product features and how succesfully the product can be used
Who are Payers and what are they concerned about?
Consumers who pay for a product

Concern: Price and the inherent financial considerations

ex: "O down and o% interest till 2005" would be targeted towards them
Who are buyers and what are they concered about?
Consumers who actually purchase the product and are concerned with logistics of purchasing product

ex:determine whether to purchase a product at a traditional retain center,by phone,or online
What is the Consumer Buying-Descion Process
a five-state process by which consumers make buying decisions
1.problem recognition
2.informatin search
3.alternative evaluation
4.purchase evaluation
What descions does the consumer buying-decions process address?
-whether to purchase
-what to purchase
-when to purchase
-from whom to purchase
-how to pay for it
What influcenses the buying -descions process?
Psychological factors,social factors,situational factors, and technological factors
Problem recognition
the first step in the consumer buying descion process.

Occus when consumer realize that they need to do something to get back to a normal state of comfort
Are unsatisfactory conditions that prompt consumers to an action that will make the conditions better

*driven by a person's discomfort with physical and psychological conditions
Are desires to obtain more satisfactions than is absolutely necessarey to impove an unsatisfactory condtion
Two types of probelms that consumers may face
Routine and Latent
Routine Problem
A probelm that can be recongized

ex.knowing you are goin to run out of mile and make a note to yourslef to replenish this product
Latent Problem
May not be aware that you have a problem because you have not given it enough thought.

ex.marketers sent remindrs about regular or preventive maintenance for automobils, or they may offer new and attracticve price or promotion offerings that make you reconsider your habitual behavior
Information Search
the 2nd stage in the consumer buying-decision process when consumers collect information on a select subset of brands

*can be as simple as scanning memory to rem. what product/brand bought the last time...can be subconsciious seach for info.

*search rarely includs every brand in existance