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What organisms do photosynthesis?
autotrophs w/ chlorophyll
Where does photosynthesis occur?
what is needed for the process? (reactants)
Sunlight, Water, CO2, chlorophyll
When does the photosythesis take place?
spring/summer during daylight hours
What are the resulting products of photosynthesis?
Glucose, Oxygen
What Organisms so Cellular Respiration?
Most living things except bacteria
Where in the cell does Cellular Respiration take place?
What is needed for the proccess? (reactants)
glucose/ other food, oxygen, enzymes,2 ATP's
When does Cellular Respiration take place?
all the time
What are the resulting products?
38 ATPs + H2O + CO2
What Organisms do Fermentation?
Animals and microbacteria
Where in the cell does Fermentation take place?
What is needed for Fermentation to take place?
glucose, enzymes
When does fermentation take place?
in yeast- all the time
in animals- no or little oxygen available
What are the resulting products of fermentation?
lactic acid, 2 ATPs + CO2, alcohol + 2 ATP