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An election district of a city or town often the smallest voting district.
The process of selection and naming candidates for office.
Direct Primary
A nominating election in which all party members may vote to choose the parties candidate for the general election.
General election
A regularly scheduled election in which all voters select the winners for each office.
Closed Primary
A type of direct primary in which only registered party members may vote.
Australian Ballot
A uniform ballot printed by the government distributed at the poles and able to be marked in secret.
Cross-over vote
A vote in which a member of one party votes in the other party's primary.
Open primary
A type of direct primary in which voters may choose on election day the party primary they want to vote in.
A meeting of leaders of a political party to select candidates. In a congressional caucus, party leaders and members meet to decide party strategies and conduct party business.
Blanket primary
A type of open primary in which voters may vote for candidates of more than one party on a office-to-office basis.
Runoff primary
A second party between the two candidates who received the most votes in the first primary.
Dark horst candidate
One who receives unexpected support as candidate for the nomination of a political convention.
A formal written statement of the principals and beliefs of a political party.
Keynote address
An opening speech of a national nominating convention that sets the tone of the upcoming campaign.
A person currently holding a political office or position.
Coattail effect
The favorable influence that a popular candidate has on the voters' selection of other candidates in his or her party.
Political action committee
A political arm of an interest group set up to contribute to political campaigns; often simply called PAC's.
Soft money
Money not regulated by federal law, used by political parties for general expenses.