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Preterite of regular ar verbs
yo - e
tu - aste
Ud./el/ella - o
nosotros - amos
Uds./ellos/ellas - aron
Preterite of regular er verbs
yo - i
tu - iste
Ud./el/ella - io
nostoros - imos
Uds/ellos/ellas - ieron
Preterite of regular ir verbs
preterite of yo form of -car -gar and
Buscar - busque
llegar - llegue
empezar - empece
3rd person plural and singular
creer, leer, oir, ver
creyo - creyeron
leyo - leyeron
oyo - oyeron
vio - vieron
Indirect Object Pronouns
me (to,for) me
te (to,for) you
le (to,for)him; her
nos (to,for) us
les (to,for) them
Indirect object pronoun and indirect object noun
Ana le presto la falda a Elena.
le - i.o. pronoun
a elena - indirect object noun
Indirect object pronouns are placed before the conjugated form of the verb.

Negative - no between prnoun and conjugated verb
Martin me compro un regalo.
Eva no me escibio una carta.
Demonstrative Adjectives and pronouns
"point out nouns"
precede nouns they modify
agree in gender and number
Singular Plural
este/esta estos/estas this;these
ese/esa esos/esas that;those
aquel/aquella aquell(os/as)that those
Demonstrative Adjectives
to determine which one to use
esatblish the relationship between the speaker and the noun(s) being pointed out.
Demonstrative Adjectives
Determining what goes with what
este, esta, estos, estas: point out nouns that are close in space and time to the speaker and the listener
ese,esa,esos + esas-close to listener
aquel,aquella,aquellos/as - far away from listener and speaker (over there0
Demonstrative Pronouns
Same as demonstrative adjectives except with an accent mark

Neuter forms - unidentified or unspecified nouns, situations, etc.
esto, eso, aquello