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Maverick (Noun)
An independent who does not conform or adhere to rules.

The little boys maverick behaviour ended him in jail.
Psyche (Noun)
Mental states,Soul.

You cant't identify my friend's psche till he talks.
Chauvinism (Noun)
Prejudiced devotion to a group or country.

The Nazis chauvinism to black people was evident because of the remarks they made.
Pandemonium (Noun)
Chaos, Wild disorder and noise

There was pandemonium at the stadium when the Twins won the game
Martial (Adjective)
Reffering to war or soldiers.

The Navy had a martial appearance when they showed up in their white uniforms.
Panorama (Noun)
A clear view over a wide area

The view the World trade cente from a plane was very panoramic.
Psychosomatic (Adjective)
Referring to physical disorders that are caused by the mind.

People who owns pets have less psychosomatic disorders.
Gargantuan (Adjective)
Huge, Immense.

The child's thumb was so gargantuan because it was filled with fluid.
Spartan (Adjective)
Lacking in confort; requiring self-discipline

It was spartan for me in the gas chamber.
Boycott (Verb, Noun)
To refuse to buy something as an act of protest.

The students decideded to boycott the cigars because they reliazed it was harmful to their health.
Quixotic (Adjective)
Noble, but not practical; having unreachable ideals; idealistic.

My friends and i spent our whole summer in a quixotic effort to raise money to vist Germany.
Odyssey ( Noun)
Along adventurous journey.

People have made odyssey to climb the tallest mountain.