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Misanthrope (Noun)
A person who hates or didtrusts other people.

The students misanthrope attitude made the Spanish student unconfortable.
Vital (Adjective)
Neccessary; Essential

Water is very vital to soldiers on the battle field
Nominal (Adjective)
In name only, A very small amount.

The party was attended by a just nominal people.
Vivacious (Ajective)
Lively, Full of spirit.

The picture of the world trade center before it went down was very vivacious.
Philanthropist (Noun)
One who wished to help humanity. A person who makes large gifts to charity.

Southwest students are philanthropist who donates time time in homeless shelters cleaning up.
Viable (Adjective)
Capable of Living. Capable of success. Workable.

Condict was not a viable candidate for the democrats due to his scandle
Genocide (Noun)
The planned murder of a large group.

The Nazi's commited genocide on the Jews.
Genesis (Noun)
Origin, Beginning

My greatgranfather was the genesis of my last name.
Congenital (Adjective)
Existing at birth

My father was congential at the hosipatl when my mum went into labor.
Anthropological (adjective)
The study of human beings

For my anthropological research i studied about the mummies.
Pseudonym (Noun)
Assumed name, Pen name

My sister who under the pseudonym "Miss thing" got an A in her spanish class.
Rwnowned (Adjective)
Famous, Well regarded

Bill Clinton is very renowned among African Americans.