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Is the humerus considered to be part of the shoulder girdle?
The clavicle lies above which rib?
The first rib
What does the lateral end of the clavicle articulate with?
The Acromion of the scapula
The lateral end of the clavicle is called what?
The Acromial extrimity
The medial end of the clavicle articulates with
the Manubrium of Sternum
What is the classification of the clavicle?
Long bone
Is the curve of the clavicle more pronounced in males or females?
Which end of the clavicle is flattened and has a downward curve?
which end of the clavicle is more triangular shape?
Sternal end
What forms the posterior portion of the shoulder girdle?
What is the scapula classified as?
Flat bone
The scapula takes on which sort of shape?
What is the anterior surface of the scapula referred to as?
costal surface
What is the posterior surface of the scapula referred to as?
Dorsal surface
The lateral angle of the scapula is also sometimes called what?
The head of the scapula
The body of the scapula is also known as what?
Does the acromion extend laterally or medially
The posterior border or ridge of the spine of the scapula is somewhat thickened and is termed as what?
the crest of the spine
What does the scapula look like in the lateral position
a Y
What are the upper parts of the Y or the scapula?
The acromion and corocoid processes
Identity all parts labeled
A- Acromion
B- neck of Scapula
C- Scapula notch
D- Superior Angle
E- medial (ventral) border
F- Inferior Angle
G- lateral ( axillary ) border
H- Glenoid cavity (fossa)
Or scapulohumeral joint
A acromion
B corocoid process
C inferior angle
D spine of scapula
E body of scapula
Scapulohumeral is which type of joint
Spheroidal or ball and socket
(greater freedom of movement)
Sternoclavicular is which type of joint
Plane or gliding
Acromioclavicular is which type of joint
Plane or gliding
A sternoclavicular
B sternal extremity
C Body
D Acromial extremity
E Acromioclavicular joint
Which of the following is the most distal

Anatomic neck.
Greater tubercle.
Lesser tubercle.
Surgical neck .
Surgical neck
What is another term for the mid area of the costal surface of the scapula?

Subscapular fossa .
Infraspinous fossa.
Supraspinous fossa.
Scapulohumeral surface.
Subscapular fossa
Which of the following scapular structures is most posterior?

Coracoid process
Glenoid cavity
Scapular notch
What is the joint classification for the scapulohumeral joint?

Spheroidal (ball and socket)
Spheroidal (ball and socket)
Which shoulder projection is this
Internal humerus ( ice cream cone)
Which projection is this?
External shoulder ( the butt)
Which shoulder projection is this?
Neutral or Trauma projection
A Sternoclavicular joint
B Acromioclavicular joint
C Scapulohumeral joint
the glenohumeral joint is another name for which joint
scapulohumeral joint
Which projection would be best for demonstrating a possible dislocation of the proximal humerus
scapular Y
A radiograph of an axial clavicle projection reveals that the clavicle is projected below the superior border of the scapula. What can the technologist to to correct this.
increase the CR cephalad angle
a radiograph of an AP scapula reveals that the scapula is within the lung field and difficult to see. What can you do to improve visibility of the scapula.
ensure that affected arm is abducted 90 degrees and use breathing technique
a radiograph of an AP external rotation projection reveals that neither the greater nor lesser tubercles are profiled. What should be done to correct
supinate the hand to make sure the epicondyles are parallel for true AP
rotation of the body towards the right

clavicle is distorted because the rotation caused superimposing over spine

collimation is much too loose

CR is centered too low

slightly underexposed

no marker
A transthoracic or lateral Y projection should have been done...note the fracture of the scapular neck
no collimation is evident here, not a repeatable error but should collimate for better contrast

slightly overposed

marker is present
Which of the following AP proximal shoulder projections will demonstrate the lesser tubercle in profile?

External rotation
Neutral rotation
Internal rotation
None of the above
How much should the CR be angled for an AP axial projection of the clavicle on an asthenic patient?

30 degrees
The use of automatic exposure control (AEC) is not recommended for the AP projection of the scapula.

Which joint is found on the lateral end of the clavicle?
Which of the following is not an angle found on the scapula?

Which structure on the scapula extends most anteriorly
corocoid process
which bony structure separates he supraspinous and infrspinous fossae
scapular spine
which structure on the scapula is most posterior
acromion of scapula
From left top
great tubercle
intertubular sulcus
surgical neck (more distal neck)
Anatomic neck
lesser tubercle
deltoid tuberosity